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Make a Positive Impact in Your Community

At Deep Water Point & Associates, we believe in giving back to the community. We are committed to improving communities and citizens’ lives by positively impacting our local community through volunteering, fundraising, outreach, and partnerships.

Our company is proud to be involved with charitable organizations and professional associations that are aligned with our mission and values. Not only do we believe in the values they uphold, but we also actively strive toward making a difference by participating passionately in their initiatives. It’s just one of the ways we give back as dedicated members of our community.

Community Organizations

Bailey’s (Lower) Elementary School

Deep Water Point & Associates has partnered with Bailey’s (Lower) Elementary School for the Arts & Sciences, a Title 1 school, on initiatives aimed to support student learning and success. Our recent initiatives have involved hosting an in-office item drive and compiling Summer Learning Packages for students. We intend to continue supporting Bailey’s in the 2023-2024 school year with additional opportunities such as math nights and guest reading. This partnership was inspired by our strong desire to support meaningful causes and give back to our local community. We believed that working with Bailey’s would provide an excellent partnership opportunity and allow us to support the incredible work the school does to meet the needs of their students, families, and community.

Our initial connection to Bailey’s Elementary School stems from a current employee’s personal connection with the school, being that they were a teacher there from 2016-2022, and saw first-hand the many needs and challenges the community faces. This led to our first initiative with Bailey’s, which occurred in March 2023, where we collected much needed items including clothing, shoes, notebooks, headphones, and more for the students. Once collected, we delivered the items to the school’s Boutique, a “store” where families/teachers can “shop” for free and obtain items for students in need. Our second initiative involved Creating Summer Learning Packages, which was completed in early June of 2023. In creating these packages, we collaborated with Bailey’s administration and specialists to determine what materials would be most beneficial for students over the summer to lessen learning loss. These packages included created books, manipulatives, items to support math games, and writing materials. We are very excited about this partnership and look forward to supporting Bailey’s Elementary School in the 2023-2024 school year.

Professional Associations

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