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Market Intelligence

Comprehensive Market Intelligence

Commercially available market research and intelligence tools do not present the full picture. Navigating an increasingly competitive environment requires a bespoke approach.

At Deep Water Point & Associates, our unique process wins opportunities. Our industry and agency experts combine primary source intelligence and an intimate understanding of federal agencies’ mission requirements with analysis of budgets, plans, and spending to achieve superior insights at every level of the business development lifecycle. 

We produce a thorough and accurate assessment of the federal market, agencies, programs, and competitors to identify opportunities that suit each client precisely.

We reduce hype to what’s possible. From Strategy to Pipeline and Capture Plans.

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Market Intelligence

Gain superior intelligence for better decisions. Our team of subject matter experts includes former government agency and industry leaders who excel at characterizing the context and directions for spending with smart perspectives delivered in:

Competitor Insights

Gain fuller insights into competitor positioning without breaching proprietary data. We enable our clients to make better decisions on where to focus for higher ROI by providing:

Agency Insights

Discover deeper agency insights, including spending patterns, strategic priorities, and goals and directions with:

Opportunity Intelligence

Gain detailed knowledge of specific deals through primary sources and insightful SMEs with agency, technology, and deal expertise.

Market Assessment

Our teams of Agency, Technology, and Business Development SMEs learn the client’s portfolio and match their current needs to the latest demands in federal agencies. 
We look for opportunities based on the market size, addressability, and agency channels for purchase. 

Go to Market Plan

Agency and Business Development SMEs define the specific strategies, resources, partners, contract vehicles, and projects the client needs to develop opportunities and land contracts.

Sector Landscape

Our approach combines our agency SMEs – a team with customer intimacy and trusted relationships – with market data analysis. Clients gain intelligence on demand, insights on the directions of agency requirements, and discovery of unmet needs across the federal government.

Agency Drilldown

We deliver the information and insights needed to jumpstart an account plan. Agency SMEs document the organizations, leadership, authorization, appropriations, current programs, and upcoming opportunities. 

We also identify decision makers and influencers. This process anticipates agencies’ upcoming needs, the acquisition path, likely competitors, and candidate partners.

Smart Pipeline™

A Business Development SME develops a non-qualified pipeline of opportunities. Then our Agency SMEs prioritize opportunities based on the probability of competition and award as well as agency’s preferences for competitors or solutions.

Ground Truth™

Agency SMEs help prepare the client for consulting with agencies about opportunities. Ground Truth™ jumpstarts the process by providing intelligence that might otherwise take years to learn. This ensures complete situational awareness –– the client engages correctly and immediately delivers value to the agency — essentially a Gate 2 briefing.

Our Differentiators

Superior Market Intelligence Results

Support for a go-to-market strategy for a small business with IT and engineering contracts
Evaluated position, contract vehicles, addressable market, and capabilities; developed a growth and retention strategy and identified new markets as targets for the company’s capabilities; recommended internal BD restructuring and top pre-qualified opportunities for prosecution.
Market, Agency, and Deal research for a Tier 1 global consultancy
Provided extensive market and opportunity research for a global Tier 1 consultancy; provided cost analysis for specific strategic deals and agency insights for precise sets of opportunities aligned with our client’s go-to market.
Pipeline build for multibillion-dollar firm looking to expand IT footprint into federal healthcare
Identified target customers and evaluated opportunities over the succeeding three years to determine alignment with strategic goals; presented a dozen vetted opportunities for consideration by the firm; helped them win selected opportunities to enter white space that they previously could not prosecute on their own.
Ground Truth™ intelligence report enabled $10B cloud services win
Agency SMEs provided critical customer and capture intelligence used by client to completely transform their proposal
AI strategic research for a $350 million services company
Performed extensive market research to support a company’s decision on whether to focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a core part of their offering portfolio. Gathered quantitative market data, formed a qualitative assessment of agency appetite for AI, and applied expert analysis to recommend a strategy of injecting AI into their core offerings to enhance competitiveness, resulting in large-scale captures in DoD and healthcare markets.
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A Practitioner’s Perspective

Our company was founded by successful federal market executives to be the kind of consultancy they wished they’d had access to when they were in industry. With more than numerous customers spanning the entire federal ecosystem, we bring both a depth of experience and a practitioner’s perspective to solve hard problems at the intersection of government and industry. We take the lead on all projects, creating original content, generating the best ideas, and providing deep insights to deliver superior outcomes.

Unparalleled Agency Expertise

We have hundreds of experts with an average of 32 years of experience who provide agency knowledge and technology depth across the DoD, IC, Federal Civilian, and Health and Life Sciences markets.