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Product-Based Companies

Unparalleled Breadth and Depth

Deep Water Point & Associates offers the guidance and growth strategies that product-based companies need to compete in the federal market. We deliver the access, insight, and strategic thinking needed to accelerate growth for our clients who provide products to the federal government. With our strong team of subject matter experts, our breadth and depth of federal market industry insights are unparalleled.

Our services are thoughtfully designed to take clients to the next level, whether they are emerging organizations working to secure their first contract win or industry veterans seeking new growth opportunities. 

The Deep Water Point & Associates subject matter experts have been there and done that. In fact, many have written requirements guiding federal market practices today.

Our services are thoughtfully designed to take clients to the next level, whether they are emerging organizations working to secure their first contract win or industry veterans seeking new growth opportunities.

Three Key Service Lines Focused on Selling Products to Government

We know that each situation is unique for each respective client. That’s why we’ve developed three key service lines that we’re uniquely qualified to provide to help product-based companies achieve success in the federal market.

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Taking Clients Where They Want To Go

Our business development support assesses where an organization is in the market and offers actionable steps to develop tactical and strategic opportunities that move businesses forward. The full range of services includes:

  • Identifying target agency opportunities
  • Strategic account planning and sales support
  • Optimizing channel and alliance partner models
  • Aligning messaging and requirements with funding initiatives
  • Marketing support
  • General advisory services
  • Market intelligence and analysis

Deep Water Point & Associates’ services assist clients in gaining market position through our smart pipeline process. Pinpoint high-value targets and identify potential strategic partners who can help win opportunities based on core capabilities delivered and unique agency needs.

Smart Pipeline™ Process

Smart Pipeline process
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Breaking into the Market

Software and hardware vendors can find breaking into the federal market a complex and challenging process. However, companies can find their way to potential clients with the right strategies and guidance.

At Deep Water Point & Associates, we assist clients by identifying the target agencies or sectors most likely to benefit from their product or service offering. We bring our deep understanding of the government’s business needs, priorities, and challenges to the table. Our market research and analysis can also help discover gaps and opportunities not readily apparent to clients. 

A comprehensive market strategy is critical. We break down the government procurement process as well as the requirements and regulations that govern government contracts to simplify the complex and take a data-driven approach to pursuing contract opportunities. This may include compliance with security protocols and certifications, understanding the bidding process, and navigating procurement databases.

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We help clients pursue FedRAMP sponsorship with a three-phase process:

  1. The first includes a market assessment and go-to-market analysis to determine what markets are suitable for the organization. It also answers the question of why: Why would the government agency want to sponsor the product company? 
  2. The second phase includes engaging with an individual sponsor at the agency level. Our subject matter experts share decades of experience within these agencies and intimately understand the process and relevant decision makers. 
  3. The third phase offers ongoing Business Development Support to identify new markets within the agencies, recognize their core competencies, and secure new opportunities.

Are You Missing Opportunities You Haven’t Noticed?

By working with Deep Water Point & Associates, you have access to the unmatched breadth and depth of our experience in the federal market. We offer the highest level of government insights, helping you pinpoint opportunities and streamlining the process to reach goals in a fraction of the time.