Department of Defense

A Daunting Market to Navigate

Navigating the defense market can be daunting for companies seeking to enter or expand their footprint. The market’s size and complexity require an in-depth understanding of the department’s policies, procedures, and priorities, which are unique to civilian agencies. Moreover, the Department of Defense comprises various components and subcomponents, each with its culture, operating environments, and decision-making processes.

Deep Water Point & Associates offers critical situational awareness and expertise in the defense market. Our team combines firsthand knowledge of the DOD’s unique mission and requirements with business development expertise, helping clients navigate the department’s organizational hierarchy and procurement environment. We provide vital situational awareness in terms of evolving requirements, operational pain points, and shifting budgets, positioning clients to capture specific opportunities.

Strict compliance with regulations and program requirements is necessary to compete in the defense market. However, to stand out in a fiercely competitive field, companies must craft solutions that advance the mission, not just meet client requirements. Our team has deep expertise in individual defense agencies and broad expertise in the department as a whole, providing our clients with a critical edge while helping them develop a diverse pipeline of opportunities to sustain and grow their businesses.