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Civilian Agencies Face a Dizzying Array of Challenges

Doing business with federal civilian agencies has become increasingly complex due to rapid changes in how these agencies buy, manage, and use IT. These changes have been brought about by a series of initiatives, such as the Federal IT Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA), the Cybersecurity Executive Order, and the Modernizing Government Technology Act. Additionally, strategic sourcing, shared services, and the as-a-service business model are changing where money is spent. Companies need to understand what these initiatives mean in the particular context of each agency and its mission to stay ahead.

To navigate this new environment, companies need a deep understanding of the operating environments, pain points, and priorities of individual agencies. Deep Water Point & Associates is a team of senior executives from both government and industry combined with energetic young professionals with firsthand knowledge of this community. We help bridge the gap between traditional market research and consulting firms, translating knowledge into concrete business development and capture management strategies. We help clients win new business by going beyond business as usual, identifying and capturing key opportunities in target accounts and adopting best business practices that result in a higher win rate across the board.

Companies that are prepared to step up to this challenge have an opportunity to thrive in this environment. With our in-depth knowledge of this community, Deep Water Point & Associates accelerates our clients’ ability to adapt to and succeed in this rapidly changing environment, keeping a step ahead.