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Intelligence Community

The IC Presents a Higher Barrier to Entry than Any Other Agency

The Intelligence Community (IC) poses a unique challenge to companies seeking to enter the market or expand their footprint. With limited publicly available information due to classification and a lack of detail about daily operations or specific missions, companies without clearance may struggle to meet with IC agency representatives, making it challenging to understand mission needs and distinguish themselves from the competition.

The Deep Water Point & Associates team of former government and industry leaders with decades of experience in the IC provides unique insights into agency strategies beyond just making introductions. We help align solutions and services with emerging requirements and specific opportunities, recommending teaming arrangements to strengthen proposals and developing strategies to take down incumbents or help clients hold a contract by adopting new technologies.

We go beyond just bidding on individual contracts, helping companies build a sustainable revenue pipeline by cultivating a role as a trusted partner to IC agencies. Our consultants, well-known in the IC, can also be bid as advisors on a program, providing an essential differentiator in a fiercely competitive landscape.