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May 14, 2020

May 14, 2020 Division A of HR 6800


Division A of HR 6800 (The Heroes Act) provides specific appropriations to departments and agencies in furtherance of coronavirus legislation.  Attached is a summary of Division A.  As mentioned earlier, this legislation will not be considered by the Senate but will be a basis for further negotiations.

FYI, other division titles of HR 6800 are as follows:

Division B:  Revenue Provisions

Division C:  Health Provisions

Division D:  Retirement Provisions

Division E:  Continues Assistance to Unemployed Workers

Division F:  Assistance to Agriculture Producers

Division G:  Accountability of Government Operations

Division H:  Veterans and Servicemembers Provisions

Division I:   Small Business Provisions

Division J:  Support for Essential Workers

Division K:  COVID 19 Heroes Act

Division L:  Families Workers & Community Support Provisions

Division M: Consumer Protection & Telecommunications Provisions

Division N:  Retirement Options to Workers Act

Division O:  Education Provisions & Other Programs

Division P:  Election Safety and Security Act

Division Q:  COVID 19 Heroes Fund

Division R:  Child Nutrition & Related Programs

Division S:  Other Matters

Division T:  Additional Other Matters

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