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GWAC NorthStar™️

Win Business Faster with GWAC NorthStar™

GWAC NorthStar, a groundbreaking SaaS solution, revolutionizes contract vehicle management by swiftly and precisely filtering all your GWAC and MAC solicitations. You tailor GWAC NorthStar to identify opportunities aligning with your specific interests and strengths, eliminating cumbersome tasks and enabling you to accelerate growth through quicker bid decisions.

  • No More FOMO: 100% of relevant opportunities are surfaced every day, several times a day
  • Day 1: Start working your best opportunities immediately, not days after the competition
  • 48% reduction in work required to identify
    pertinent opportunities
  • Between 72% and 93% reduction in cost to detect relevant opportunities
  • Up to 23 labor hours per day of waste eliminated
  • Does the work of 9 FTEs avoiding over $700K in labor costs
  • Increase at-bats by 20% to 30%
  • Detect when DWPA Agency Experts can improve Win Probability

Metrics reflect client processing all opportunities from GSA MAS 54151x SINs and GSA GWACs.
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What is GWAC NorthStar™?

GWAC NorthStar™ is software-as-a-service that automates the collection of opportunity announcements from your government GWAC or Multiple Award Contract (MAC) vehicle portals, those received by email, and those aggregated by third parties, processes these quickly (typically within hours) to score how well they fit your strengths and interests – using criteria that you configure – automatically distributes high scoring opportunities to interested parties in your company via a secure and private web portal, and collects user decisions on responding.

By performing these tedious tasks automatically, NorthStar enables you to spend your time and attention on pursuit strategies and developing more proposals. These proposals will obviously benefit from the added time you can spend on them since high scoring opportunities are generally detected on Day One after release, and not after days of languishing undiscovered in multiple portals or pipelines. Thus, GWAC NorthStar will contribute to improved win probability and bookings. And, because you will be able to quickly discern all highly relevant opportunities, you will be able to submit more proposals, or opportunities that best fit you, and therefore win more business and achieve a greater ROI on the contract vehicles you have won.

Additionally, you can tap Deep Water Point & Associates (DWPA) agency experts for insights into your best opportunities so that you respond with understanding of the context and preferences for the agency’s procurement.

What Contract Vehicles Are Currently Included?

GWAC NorthStar has been in use by our beta customers since October 2023 and has been improved with their feedback and recommendations. On March 1, 2024, DWPA is making general release of GWAC NorthStar with service limited to the following contract vehicles (service will be expanded to additional Government Wide Acquisition Contracts, agency Multiple Award Contracts, and additional MAS SINs, as subscribers request.):

  • 8A Stars III
  • HCaTS
  • VETS2
  • GSA MAS (IT and Professional Services SINs)

What is NorthStar’s Value to Subscribers?

  • Speed to detect signal in the noise: Rapidly detecting announced opportunities that are the right fit
  • Increase return on the GWAC investment: You must bid task orders to win them
  • Play the Odds: NorthStar lets you see which task orders fit you and how many bids there were the last time they were competed
  • Get your BD resources out of the office and with the agencies instead of sorting through announcements and reading the wrong ones
  • Save management time: Stop using meetings to figure out which division should pursue what opportunities
  • Leverage your team members: Feed team members announcements that fit corporate capabilities
  • Realize Technical ROI: Detect any task order announcements on your vehicle that seek specific technology in which you invested to certify resources
  • No more FOMO: NorthStar puts all vehicles’ releases on one screen that is refreshed several times a day and shows the ones important to you
  • Gain Insights and Intelligence: DWPA will tell you when our Agency SMEs can increase your PWIN on your solicitations