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August 12, 2022

House to Pass Reconciliation Bill Shortly

Key Dates
October 1, 2022 (Fiscal Year 2023 Begins): 50 days
November 8, 2022 (Election Day): 88 days
November 9, 2022 (Senate Returns for “Lame Duck” Session): 89 days
November 14, 2022 (House Returns for “Lame Duck” Session): 94 days
December 15, 2022 (Target Adjournment of 117th Congress): 123 days

Today, the House is expected to imminently pass the “Inflation Reduction Act” on a party-line vote. WSW’s full read-out from Monday – when the Senate passed the bill – can be found here. We expect the President to sign the measure in the coming days. This caps off a nearly eighteen-month process, and marks a major victory for the President and Congressional Democrats. Your WSW team will continue to update you on the included provisions and how they may impact your organization.

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