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Private Equity & Financial Sponsors

Building Long-term Value

The Deep Water Point & Associates team of experts has extensive experience working with Private Equity and Financial Sponsors. We offer a range of services that provide insights into the market, competition, contracts, and financial due diligence. 

Supporting clients with more than $500 billion in assets under management, we fulfill our commitment to delivering exceptional value to clients by assisting them in making informed, strategic decisions on potential transactions and investments. Our experts conduct thorough market research to provide clients with insights into the competitive landscape, regulatory environment, and industry trends. This information is crucial in helping clients determine the viability of potential investments and develop strategies to maximize returns.

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) and Post-Investment Support

While Mergers and Acquisitions are a way of life for many federal government contractors, the average failure rate for M&A can be as high as 70%. Both the buyer and seller must perform a tremendous amount of work and due diligence to agree on mutually beneficial terms. 

Overall, our team’s expertise with Private Equity & Financial Sponsors provides clients with a range of services that enable them to:

Strategies Aligned with Your Needs

Our seasoned team understands the distinct needs across the range of Private Equity & Financial Sponsors we support, including: