Proposal Writer

Position Description

Deep Water Point & Associates is seeking Proposal Writers to assist clients with organizing and developing responses to federal requests for proposals. This individual works with client proposal managers, capture leads, account and operations teams, subject matter experts, and executive teams to analyze solicitations, determine proposal requirements, develop the response strategy, and submit a compliant, responsive proposal. The individual will write, tailor, and edit content that supports technical and management sections, staffing, quality, and performance plans, and/or past performance and resume segments. For each proposal, the individual will be required to integrate our client’s unique win themes and strategic messaging throughout the proposal, telling their story by creating compelling content. This role requires an individual comfortable with adapting and reacting to shifting priorities, new challenges, and hard deadlines.

Major Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Outlines, writes, develops, and recovers narrative and graphic content irrespective of the discipline, technology, or topic requirements. Depending on experience, individual will be called upon to manage sections, volumes, or entire proposals
  2. Conducts interviews with key personnel, subcontractors, program managers, and subject matter experts to elicit information for resumes, past performance, management, and technical content
  3. Generates proposal process deliverables, including annotated outlines, scorecard baselines and tagging, compliance matrices, proposal trackers, data calls, etc.
  4. Edits proposals for spelling, typographical, and grammatical errors, and proper syntax, as well as readability, ease of comprehension, and consistency
  5. Engages key clients and company thought leaders to develop trusted relationships and collaborative rapport to deliver on our “client first” and “best idea wins” ethos
  6. Coaches and mentors junior team members, offering insights, techniques and perspective across the entire bid/capture process, and providing tactical direction

Desired Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities

  • Adaptability: The role requires individuals to work both collaboratively and independently in a variety of work environments, each with their own unique battle rhythm and personality
  • Attention to detail: Working on client-facing deliverables, where customers expect high-quality, winning proposals, requires the individual to have a fastidious attention to detail with a sense of urgency
  • Communication: The individual must possess excellent verbal and written communication skills to clearly articulate themes, ideas, and other insights to management, relevant stakeholders, and evaluation boards
  • Problem-solving skills: The individual be intellectually curious with strong creative and imaginative prowess to generate ideas for solving complex problems and producing outcomes
  • Flexibility: The individual must be able to adjust to frequent changes in priorities, effectively manage time and work across multiple projects with competing deadlines
  • Computer skills: The individual must possess strong proficiency with Microsoft Office suite, including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and SharePoint

Desired Levels

Applicants will be hired at the Associate or Senior Associate level commensurate with experience, background, and education.

Desired Education & Experience

  • Education: BA/BS Degree preferred. While we are not looking for a specific degree, a combination of education and/or experience with IT, Computer Science, Engineering, Information Management, Business Management, and/or Professional Writing disciplines is desired.
  • Experience: Two to seven years of experience writing and/or managing federal proposals. Expertise in the federal procurement process, including the FAR, contracting vehicles, and the nuances of federal contracting is preferred